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Gamer Girl - Twitch streamer forgot to turn off the stream

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Kobe Bryant 2 years ago
You guys focused more on dragon ball rather than the vid itself. Good job kings
Kkkk 2 years ago
I like the background dragon ball z
GOKU 2 years ago
I love e how She having a good time while vegete is dying on the background
Who knows 2 years ago
people : watching the girl
weebs : Dragon Ball Super
Twitch 2 years ago
You got suspended for 4 days lady don't ever do this again
dddd 2 years ago
the kamehameha was awesome :D
1 year ago
move that bitch out of the way we're trying to watch DBS here
2 years ago
Any body can guess the episode
Dynamydyna 2 years ago
Cool dude dbs dragon ball
2 years ago
she watching dbs